Timescale for venue's re-opening has been delayed after grant announcement put back

There is an update on a valued village venue which is the only amenity of its kind in Dullatur - and has has been unable to operate since March 2020 due to two key factors.

Dullatur Conservation area

The issue with Dullatur Village Halls wasn't just lockdown but flooding due to burst pipes during the cold snap in January 2020.

Members of Dullatur Community Council have been in touch to outline the progress that has been made in their bid to re-open their base - and admit that the improvements they hoped to see have been delayed.

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A spokesperson explained: “In the spring, we applied for grant funding in order to modernise the hall and make it more suitable for the next 25 years, making it more modern, safe and accessible.

“We hoped this would have led to us being notified of our grant application in early May and, with a few months of consultation and build, the new Village Hall would have been ready for use again in or around September 2021.

“Due to reasons out of our control the earliest we will hear of the award will be the beginning of September. Our main aim is to take full advantage of grants available to us which will help in making Dullatur Community Hall a more improved space and one that will be a huge benefit to the whole community of Dullatur and to be enjoyed by everyone for many years to come.

"We cannot commit to a firm re-entry date as this depends on the success of our grant application and we will communicate the outcome of that as soon as we hear.”