Carfin man in London wins prestigious scholarship as he aims to make positive social change

A man from Carfin who is navigating the highly competitive world of banking in London has been awarded a prestigious scholarship which will ably provide a gateway into the desired path of his chosen career.

Cameron Martin
Cameron Martin
Cameron Martin

Cameron Martin (26), who is a former pupil of Taylor High School and a graduate of St Andrew's University, has spent the last four years in the capital working in private banking for JP Morgan.

That is judged to be a suitable time window to apply for for further and more specialised study.

And when Cameron applied to the globally-renowned London Business School to do just that, he was awarded a CAP Social Impact Scholarship which will enable him to undertake his Masters of Business Administration

Cameron said: "I was awarded the scholarship based on the social impact agenda I applied with. The roles I've had have been stimulating and I’ve been successful but I feel like I'm not making any positive social change.

"Essentially I'm concentrating wealth in the one percent and as someone who comes from working class Motherwell, that doesn't sit right with my conscience. I decided to apply for the MBA to equip me with the skills required to start my own business, which I hope to embed with my own social agenda.

"A total of 92% of the class are international students, and gaining a seat in the class is exceptionally competitive.

"You have to have a degree from a prestigious undergraduate university already. You also need good work experience with a competitive firm, write many essays and perform well in several interviews before you're selected.

"Then, only a small percentage of the class are awarded scholarships, which are merit based."

When asked how he feels about life in the big city he admits to some mixed emotions due in part to the lack of certain foodstuffs down south!

Cameron added: “I love living in London. I have a great network of friends who all moved down after St. Andrews which has really helped me to settle in.

“However, I miss my family back home, but also the fresh cold tap water, square sausages, empire biscuits, sugar- free Irn Bru, and most importantly chicken tikka chasni calzones from the Shabab in New Stevenston!”