A musical tribute to mark Her Majesty's Jubilee

The young musicians performing Highland CathedralThe young musicians performing Highland Cathedral
The young musicians performing Highland Cathedral
After more than two years of online music tuition and rehearsals during the pandemic, East Dunbartonshire’s young musicians marked their return with a musical tribute to The Queen for her Platinum Jubilee.

The East Dunbartonshire Secondary School Orchestra chose Dambusters and Highland Cathedral to celebrate the Queen’s landmark celebration.

Their renditions of both pieces, after only two in-person rehearsals, can be viewed on East Dunbartonshire Council’s YouTube channel.

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Over the last few Sundays, the schools’ bands, orchestras and choirs have enjoyed reintegration taster days with tutors from the Instrumental Music Service.

A total of 231 pupils performed over the last three rehearsals – musicians and singers from across the area, including 60 talented youngsters from the Primary Orchestra.

Councillor Lynda Williamson,convener of Education, said: “Live music is something that many of us missed greatly during the pandemic and none more so than young people with a passion for performing.

"I’m delighted they are now able to get together once again, rekindling friendships and practicing in person.

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“Having watched these videos of the young people performing I am blown away by the talent we have here in East Dunbartonshire.

"It’s quite astounding that after only two rehearsals, they can play so beautifully together and I’m looking forward to attending a live concert as soon as possible.”