Card for free bus travel for passengers aged five to 21 is still available - here's how to apply

Young people across Lanarkshire are being urged to sign up for the free bus travel scheme as the scheme launched earlier this year is still taking applications from five to 21-year olds

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The Young Persons’ Free Bus Travel Scheme is still live via feebus. scot and the website offers a range of useful information for families and young people about free bus travel, how it works and how to apply.

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The scheme applies to bus travel round Scotland and is designed to save parents money, allowing them to leave cars at home. It is also designed to save undergraduates cash when travelling to and from colleges and universities.

Parents must apply for anyone who is under 16.

Anyone with a Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) or non-Young Scot branded NEC can download the Transport Scott Pass Collect app to transfer the free bus travel onto their existing NEC card without needing to make an application for a replacement card.