Earlier funding for childcare in East Dunbartonshire will be a boost to parents

The Council is now providing childcare funding for East Dunbartonshire residents from the day after a child’s 3rd birthday.
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This funding will be available from August 2019 for children attending local Council Early Learning and Childcare Centres and approved, privately-run childcare providers.

Previously, childcare funding commenced the school term following a child’s 3rd birthday. However, parents who have applied for funded childcare during the academic year 2019/2020 will shortly receive letters advising them that funded childcare is now available from the day after their child’s third birthday.

This is also good news for parents whose children turn three between 1 March 2020 and 26 June 2020, as they are now entitled to funded childcare during the 2019/2020 academic year. Parents of eligible children can apply to receive this funding via the Council’s website.

Applications must be received by 30 August 2019 and parents will be notified of allocated places by 30 September 2019.

Start dates will be subject to holidays and settling in periods and places will be subject to availability.

If no places are available in a chosen centre, a place will be offered in a centre where they are available.

Convener of Education, Councillor Jim Goodall, said: “The Council is working towards delivering 1140 hours funded Early Learning and Childcare by 2020 and in order to achieve this we have been introducing additional provision and extended hours in many of our centres. I am sure parents of very young children in East Dunbartonshire will welcome the news that funded childcare will now be available from the day after a child’s 3rd

birthday and I would encourage anyone with children turning three between March and June 2020 to apply before the closing date of 30 August 2019.

Details of approved funded providers are available on the Council website