East Dunbartonshire Council say noise deterrent signs at Bearsden Primary Schools are not aimed at school children during term time

Noise deterrent signage erected at two Bearsden primary schools is not aimed at pupils.

And it’s not a sign that the school is set to be moved.

Locals were left bemused during the summer when fresh signs asking for people to “keep noise to a minimum” were stuck to fencing at Westerton and St Nicholas primary schools.

One local told the Herald the move had caused “much upset amongst the local community,” with some speculating the move was “linked to the council’s


plans to move the school to Westerton Park”.

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The concerned parent added: “The move is an unpopular suggestion.

Why are over 300 children playing being asked to be quiet? Much of the curriculum is centred around child-led play and expression – something this sign does not clearly support.

“There was no communication from the school or the council prior to this being put up.”

But suggestions the signs were pre-emptive of a school move or aimed at children during school hours, was rubbished by the local authority, who confirmed the move was purely to ensure residents near to the school were not affected by anti-social behaviour.

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Depute chief executive Ann Davie told us: “The signage has been installed at Westerton and St Nicholas Primary Schools in Bearsden due to numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour within the playgrounds over the summer holiday period.

“The signs are there to remind anyone accessing the school grounds outwith the school day to be mindful of the residents living nearby.

“The signs are not intended for pupils attending these schools and outdoor play continues to be encouraged during the school day.”