Final preparations are in place for global broadcast from Carfin Grotto

The final preparations are in place for a groundbreaking broadcast from Carfin Grotto that will be beamed across the planet via Vatican TV next Monday (May 31) at 5pm -featuring Pope Francis.

The Diocese of Motherwell has confirmed that Scottish Television staff has been hired to film the broadcast via satellite and that a huge screen will be erected at the grotto itself.

This will enable socially-distanced worshippers to view the Pontiff in the Vatican Rose Garden saying the rosary, as they pray in turn.

At different points, the saying of the rosary at the grotto and the assembled people will be seen on Vatican TV globally – in what is being billed as a spectacular showcase for the Marian shrine.

Crowds have been asked to gather by 4.15pm to ensure the smooth running of the broadcast.