Fury at Firpark Primary as high school wrangle continues

Irate parents are demanding answers from education bosses over the future of pupils with additional support needs at a Motherwell school.

Some pupils last year with their new minibus

A petition has been launched amidst claims that North Lanarkshire Council is keeping parents in the dark about what secondary school P7 pupils of Firpark Primary will attend.

The aggrieved parents say that a two-tier system is in place as mainstream places are allocated at the P5 stage.

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And they argue that the set up leaves them unable to prepare the vulnerable children for the upheaval involved.

A campaign spokesperson said: “These children are trying to prepare for the next big chapter in their lives and they – and their parents – want to be excited about starting high school but this excitement is turning into dread they longer they go without knowing what school they are going to.

“The council has even had the audacity to add insult to injury by contacting parents who have no idea which school the children are going to and them if they would mind transporting the kids there instead.

“This is discrimination.”

A council spokesperson said: “We hold annual reviews with parents and carers of pupils with Additional Support Needs.

“It is at these reviews that plans are made for new school arrangements and identifying support requirements.

“We have sent letters to parents and carers and induction programmes will take place to support pupils with the transition to their new school.”