Gaelic learners asked to step up to push plans forward - with expert's advice on hand

The Cumbernauld News has recently featured details of a new so-called Lanarkshire Networked Gaelic Community earlier in the year – and now fresh details have emerged in the bid to get this up and running.


A core team of between 12 to 15 people are now being called upon to co-ordinate activities between two local authorities with the full support of an existing teaching unit based at Moray Language Centre.

The development will be of particular interest in Cumbernauld as this is of course where North Lanarkshire Council runs its two Gaelic medium units – at Condorrat Primary and Greenfaulds High School.

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The drive to create the network being spearheaded by Gaelic language advocate Finlay MacLeod who has spread his expertise as far as Nova Scotia in Canada, using a special immersive technique to aid learning, since 2004.

The first task of the group will be to co-ordinate information sessions which will enable the network to be fully formed in line with the needs of learners.

Mr MacLeod said: “The aim would be to provide forward looking courses and initiatives with skilled personnel and stimulating resources.

“All these elements together will enable a selection of tasks which will lead to a successful outcome.”

Speakers at every level are very welcome to get involved in the scheme which has already attracted a good bit of interest across Lanarkshire. For more information, contact Mr MacLeod on 01542 836322 or via [email protected]