Good report for high school

Cardinal Newman High in Bellshill was rated '˜good' in all categories following its latest inspection and review from Education Scotland.
Cardinal Newman HighCardinal Newman High
Cardinal Newman High

The four evaluation categories are: leadership of change; learning, teaching and assessment; raising attainment and achievement; and ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion which Education Scotland uses to keep track of how well schools are doing.

The inspection team highlighted numerous strengths in the school’s work including: teachers at all levels taking on leadership roles; positive relationships between young people and staff; the contribution of the pupil support department; the work of the PE department; and partnership working which is enhancing the curriculum and young people’s personal achievements.

Areas for improvement were agreed to continue improve learning and teaching across the school such as developing approaches to assessing and monitoring young people’s progress and strengthen self-evaluation.

Inspector Mary Byrne said: “We are confident the school has the capacity to continue to improve and so we will make no more visits in connection with this inspection.

North Lanarkshire Council will inform parents/carers about the school’s progress as part of its arrangements for reporting on the quality of its schools.”