It will be a hard act to follow in future Battle of the Bands.

We thought that last year’s Battle of the Bands was one for the memory books, but it looks like our rock and pop stars have raised the bar yet again with Sheridan Theatre from Carluke High taking top spot.
Well done to Carluke High who won the event.Well done to Carluke High who won the event.
Well done to Carluke High who won the event.

Last week’s Battle was ‘epic’, ‘the best night ever’, ‘a gig I will never forget for the rest of my life’ - in the words of the pupils.

The level of musicianship was incredibly high from all 12 bands, and the standard of performance was through the roof. The young people displayed confidence and talent to the max.

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Elaine Duffy from the council said: “It was heart-warming to see our pupils supported by their adoring fans. We had dancing, singing, chanting and screaming (in a good way), everything you would expect from a rock gig.

To view a snippet of the South Lanarkshire Schools’ Rock Collective see link IMS Battle of the Bands 2024 on X.”

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