Mayfield Nursery supports the benefits of outdoor play

There are many benefits of outdoor play and staff at Mayfield Nursery recognise the importance of this.

At the nursery, children benefit from both indoor and outdoor play.

There is local parks right on their doorstep and the nursery also participates within the local community.

The bright playrooms where children can are stimulated to reach their fullest potential.

All children are encourage to participate in outdoor play throughout the day within the nursery exploring the natural environment in the garden and within the local community.

Mayfield Nursery actively support the local community in help with picking up litter and recycling within the local streets and parks and have successfully secured a green flag with Eco Schools for over six years now.

There are many health benefits to outdoor play, being more active, building strong bones and burning off energy. Children naturally absorb vitamin D even in poor weathers which is something that is essential to growing and developing healthy lifestyles. Children learn to be creative in the outdoors using their problem solving skills and imaginations. Developing independence and social skills, interacting with each other’s including peers and adults.

At Mayfield Nursery you can be assured that your children are experiencing a balanced curriculum, where children are encouraged to make choices in their development.

The children within our care are actively developing the skills to be effective contributors and responsible citizens into our society while developing their confidence in being successful learners.