Strong exam results for East Dunbartonshire pupils

Despite disruption to learning and teaching in challenging circumstances over the last two years, pupils from East Dunbartonshire’s eight secondary schools have received strong SQA exam results this week.

Bearsden Academy, one of the area's eight secondary schools
Bearsden Academy, one of the area's eight secondary schools

Across the year groups there has been high attainment with many pupils gaining top marks in their National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher examinations, said East Dunbartonshire Council.

Early analysis indicates that overall, results in East Dunbartonshire remain strong with results similar to pre-pandemic levels.

This is the first year since 2019 that young people have sat formal exams. Due to the extraordinary circumstances around the 2022 SQA

arrangements, a new appeals process is in place.

Pupils who are concerned about their grades can submit an appeal directly to the SQA if their estimated result was a grade higher than their actual result.

Convener of Education, Councillor Lynda Williamson, said: “Pupils have faced enormous disruption to their education over the last two years but the way they responded does them great credit.

"Once again, these young people have shown remarkable resilience as they worked to stay focussed.

"I want to recognise and applaud their efforts as well as paying tribute to all school staff who’ve given unwavering support to pupils and worked tirelessly during these unique and challenging times.”

Initial raw data results for 2022:

S6 Pupils – 1+ Level 7 Advanced Higher level 38.6% (2022) 41.1% (2021) and 32.5% (2019).

S6 Pupils – 3+ Level 6 Higher level and above 32.6% (2022) 45.0% (2021) and 31.5% (2019).

S5 Pupils – 1+ Level 6 Higher level and above 79.2% (2022) 84.7% (2021) and 82.1% (2019)

S5 Pupils – 3+ Level 6 Higher level and above 61.3% (2022) 71.6% (2021) and 61.4% (2019).

S5 Pupils – 5+ Level 6 Higher level and above 38.2% (2022) 46.8% (2021) and 39.0% (2019).

S4 Pupils – 5+ Level 5 Examinations at National 5 68.1% (2022) 74.0% (2021) and 67.0% (2019).