Two Cumbernauld locations all set for new woodlands

A brand new woodland will be created at Palacerigg Country Park where thousands of native trees will be planted.


And another new woodland is planned for Cumbernauld in the Low Wood area too.

The project, including another initiative in Motherwell’s Strathclyde Park, has its own symbolism in terms of scale.

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For the 40,000 trees involved represent the number of primary school pupils in the area.

And Primary 7 pupils will have the opportunity to plant a tree during outdoor education visits to Strathclyde Park in this and future planting seasons.

Species will include Downy birch, Sessile oak, Common alder, Rowan, Gean, Hazel and Hawthorn.

Pupils from Condorrat Primary School in Cumbernauld were there first and joined Depute Council Leader Councillor Paul Kelly to plant the first trees and mark the COP26 conference coming to Glasgow next month.

The saplings which were planted there were grown from acorns from the Covenanter Oak in Dalzell Estate which, at around 800 years old, is the oldest tree in Lanarkshire, according to the council.

Councillor Kelly said: “Our new woodlands will play an important part in tackling climate change locally, as well as developing natural habitats for wildlife to flourish.

“Planting trees is also a positive way for pupils to learn about the benefits of nature and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

"After the challenges we’ve all faced throughout the coronavirus pandemic, this reminds our young people that there is hope and a brighter future ahead.”

Since 2010 the council has planted around 180,000 trees, covering over 60 hectares of land – a hectare being approximately the size of an international rugby union pitch.

Planting of the new woodlands will begin in November to the north of Strathclyde Loch within the country park, with work at the other sites following over the winter.

At Palacerigg an initial 2.5 hectares will be planted this winter, with an area identified for each town in North Lanarkshire to include a specimen tree.

At Low Wood 2,340 trees will be planted at a site adjacent to other areas where trees are present to facilitate a green corridor