Baby makes five for Mitchells

A Kilsyth woman has become a great-great-gran following the birth of a little bundle of joy called Ayda Rose.

Kimberly Allan (28) brought her little one into the world last month to create the fifth living generation of a family which has laid down roots in Kilsyth and Kincardine.

All five generations of the Mitchell family got together in Kincardine to celebrate the happy occasion which saw them mark a rare family milestone.

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The oldest family member, Ayda’s great-great-gran Rosina Mitchell (87) lives in Kilsyth and has a large number of grandchildren.

Her son Walter Mitchell (67), Ayda’s great-grandfather, is now retired from his job at Longannet Power Station.

Walter’s daughter Pamela Allan (48), Ayda’s gran, works for Volunteer Scotland and has three children. Ayda is her first grandchild.

Pamela’s daughter Kimberly is currently on maternity leave from her post at Bio Reliant in Stirling and enjoying spending time with her daughter and seeing her family.

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Pamela said: “We try to see each other now and again, I see my dad every week because he lives in Kincardine.

“Now Ayda is here we will probably be seeing each other more often and make more trips to Kilsyth to see great-great-granny Rosina.”

The Mitchells still have a bit to go to match the six generation Hanson family from Yorkshire, with oldest member Hilda Hanson (103) welcoming her great-great-great-grandson Finley in January.

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