Balmuildy gas leak: MP and MSP ‘denied information’ from East Dunbartonshire Council

Local elected members Rona Mackay and Amy Callaghan have blasted East Dunbartonshire Council for what they call serious mismanagement of the ongoing leak incident at Balmuildy Primary in Bishopbriggs.
Amy Callaghan MPAmy Callaghan MP
Amy Callaghan MP

The MSP and MP say they have been denied information on the serious incident at the school which would allow them to answer the many concerns they received raised by constituents.

A spokesperson for the politicians said: “The school was closed twice over the last two weeks after children and staff complained of headaches, nausea and fainting.

“After conflicting information as to the cause of the problem, it was discovered to have come from leaks from a gas boiler. It was later discovered that no carbon monoxide monitors were fitted and that the Council had lost the gas safety check certificates they were required by law to have”.

Ms Mackay added: “This is an extremely serious issue which the council has seriously mismanaged. Information has been scarce and non-transparent. Parents who attended a meeting with officers said they left feeling more concerned than they were when they went in. It is simply not acceptable.”

Ms Callaghan said: “Despite repeated requests for a meeting with senior management at the council and for answers to the many questions we were being asked, our emails were ignored. Being kept in the dark over health and safety concerns which involve children is not good enough and prevented us from representing the community.

“We will continue to press for a resolution to this which satisfies parents. No parent should be afraid to send their child to school and the council have done nothing to allay their fears by their incompetent response and lack of communication.”

Joint Council Leader Vaughan Moody responded: “Our absolute priority following the evacuation at Balmuildy Primary School has been the safety

and wellbeing of the school community.

“We ensured that the source of the carbon monoxide leak was identified and removed and that monitors were installed throughout the school to reassure them that the school is safe and there are no traces of gases in the school.

“Our commitment to communicate is with the school community and with our fellow elected members, who have been kept informed at every stage.”

Joint Council Leader Andrew Polson added: “Senior Council Officers met with parents at the school on Monday 24 February prior to the school reopening on Tuesday 25 February and listened to their concerns.

“Since that meeting, parents have been provided with the information they have been requesting, and have been directly advised when latest updates have been published to the school website.

“Emails from the MP and MSP have been responded to and they have both been advised where the information can be found. Our priority remains to conclude our investigations into this matter and to continue to communicate with the school community and the councillors here in East Dunbartonshire and it is shameful that our MP and MSP are politicising this incident.”