Cash drive to secure future for Croy’s old community clinic

Moves are afoot to transfer a former NHS clinic in Croy into a community asset in an ambitious fundraising drive with a £200,000 target.

Croy Community Hub wants to maximise the potential of the building in McSparran Road to help the former mining community as it eases out of lockdown.

The group has already gone the distance to ease the strain during the pandemic with a tireless volunteering drive. This provided a wide number of services including the provision of food parcels, an advocacy service and access to a credit union

Now a fundraising drive has been launched via the Crowdfunder page as a number of groups, construction firms and volunteers said they would wholeheartedly spearhead the effort once the money was collected.

Organiser Daniel Louden explained that the hub had already shown it could improve the life chances of those in Croy and could do even more.

Daniel said: “Anytime members of the community came to the community Hub for any help, they also got the satisfaction of saying hi to somebody recognisable, to relieve the lonely feeling a little. The funds would help us take ownership of the clinic and use it to develop the community in a way which would allow Croy to thrive.

“The hub wants to take ownership to develop the community in ways which would allow the community to thrive.

For more information see [email protected] or see the Crowdfunder page.

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