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Prime Minister Boris Johnson records his televised message to the nation released on May 10 (Photo: No 10 Downing Street via Getty Images)

Coronavirus live blog, May 11

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PM: 'Stay at Home' message was gloriously simple

Sir Keir Starmer said: "There's not consensus either on messaging now or on policy between the UK Government and those in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, not something I know he (Boris Johnson) wanted to see but now we're in that position, raises serious concerns, with a real danger of divergence."

Mr Johnson replied that people had followed the stay at home advice "more thoroughly than many other populations around the world".

He added: "Clearly when you're coming out of a message that is so gloriously simple as stay at home, there will inevitably be complexities that he's rightly alluded to."

Government looking into when two households can meet

The Prime Minister told the Commons he has instructed the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) to look into when people from two different households might be able to meet safely.

Boris Johnson told MPs: "Nothing can substitute for human contact and so the Government has asked Sage when and how we can safely allow people to expand their household group to include one other household on a strictly reciprocal basis."

Boris Johnson facing questions from opposition

Boris Johnson's lockdown exit strategy is facing scrutiny from Sir Keir Starmer.

UK government advises use of face masks

Newly published guidance advises face masks be used when on public transport or in shops where remaining two metres from others is difficult.

The PM's spokesman told reporters: "It is advice, so we are publishing that today and it is for the public to judge whether or not this is something they want to follow.

"It is not something that is part of the regulations, i.e. you won't be fined for not wearing a face mask."

Wales First Minister critical of Boris Johnson's lack of clarity

The first ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland asked Boris Johnson to be clear when he was speaking in a UK capacity and when he was speaking only for England in his address on Sunday, Wales' First Minister said.

"I think all of us asked for clarity about when he was speaking in that UK capacity and when he was making announcements that apply in England," Mark Drakeford said.

"I know it's complex and I know it's a challenge to get all that over in a single statement.

"My own view is that more could have been done and it would have been helpful to us all if there had been a greater emphasis and a greater degree of clarity on a separation between when the Prime Minister is speaking for his UK-wide responsibilities and when he was making announcements that applied only for England."

Nicola Sturgeon warns Scots not to get distracted by England messaging

Nicola Sturgeon made a plea to Scots "not to get distracted" by messages from England, where the lockdown is beginning to be eased.

Instead she said they must continue to follow Scottish Government guidance, requiring them to stay at home unless it is essential.

"I want to reiterate those announcements do not apply yet here in Scotland," she said.

"That is not, let me stress, for any political reason, it is because the Scottish Government is not yet confident these changes can be made safely in Scotland yet without running the risk of the virus potentially running out of control again.

"So Scotland's lockdown restrictions remain in place for now."

Testing in care homes is 'patchy'

Testing for those living in care homes is "still very patchy" despite a pledge by the Government to check all staff and residents for Covid-19, an operator has said.

Avery Healthcare, which houses around 2,500 residents in 56 care homes across England, said the testing facilities still currently varied across the country.

A spokesman for Avery told Press Association that while testing is increasing for social care staff, checks for residents are not yet available "in the quantity or consistency" providers are hoping for.

"Testing is now becoming more readily available for our staff and obviously as with every provider, we're encouraging our staff to go and get tested as quickly as possible," the spokesman said.

"Testing for residents is starting to become available but not in the quantity or consistency across the country that we would want.

"And I'm sure that goes for every operator, it is still very patchy."

Raab: 'use common sense' when meeting outdoors

Raab: 'use common sense' when meeting outdoors

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