Drugs-related deaths in East Dunbartonshire drop from 10 year high of 2021 as Scottish and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde numbers fall too

The number of drugs-related deaths in East Dunbartonshire fell last year by almost half.

That shows there were just nine deaths related to drugs, falling from 16 in 2021.

And the figures are in line with the national picture on such deaths, with the number of people dying due to drug misuse in Scotland last year the lowest for five years.

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The national figure dropped by 279 to 1051 deaths – however, the country is still blighted by the worst drug death rate in Europe.

And despite the fall, such deaths are still more than three times as common as they were two decades ago.

Of the drugs-related deaths in East Dunbartonshire, eight were deemed to be 'accidental poisoning', with one 'intentional poisoning'.

Data from the National Records of Scotland suggested there were no 'drug abuse' related deaths in the region.

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However, drugs found in the systems of those deceased were familiar to the country's drugs problem ie; Methadone, heroin, benzodiazepine, 'street benzodiazepine,' and diazepam to name a few listed.

The previous year, 2021, was a high for the region since 2010, with 2020 having 14 deaths – 2010 saw just six.

Last year's number saw seven males and two female drugs-related deaths, with the majority of those dying in the 45-54-years old age bracket.

The death rate for the region's health board – NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – was also down on 2021.

Then, there were 427


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Nationally, opiates and opioids, including heroin, morphine and methadone, were implicated in more than eight out of 10 drug-related deaths in 2022.

The majority of drug misuse deaths were classified as accidental poisonings, with seven per cent classed as intentional self-poisonings.

The rate of drug poisoning deaths in Scotland was 2.7 times as high as the UK average in 2021, the most recent year that data is available for the UK as a whole.

Glasgow City Council had the highest rate of drug misuse deaths over a five-year period (44.4 per 100,000) closely followed by Dundee City (43.1).

The lowest rates over the same period were in East Renfrewshire (9.5) and Aberdeenshire (11.1).