Focus falls now on rollout of second jab

NHS Lanarkshire has spelled out exactly where it is headed with the final rollout of the vaccination process and has revealed that more than 45,000 people have in fact received their second jab already.

Dr Gregory Bowes (Dentist) giving vaccination to Elaine Austin. NHSL_Ravenscraig_vaccination_centre_2021

And the message could not be clearer for those who are still waiting –w’re getting ready to vaccinate you for a second time and we’ll contact you directly so please come along.

Dr Mark Russell Lead for the Covid-19 vaccination programme in Lanarkshire, said: “While most of the protection is gained from the first dose, the second dose is a booster which offers longer term protection. It is vitally important that you receive both doses.

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“The evidence suggests that people will gain more long term protection from having their second dose later, but still within 12 weeks. We are on track to achieve this. If someone needs to wait slightly longer than 12 weeks for their second dose - for example, if they’ve had a recent positive covid-19 test result or for other medical reasons, there is no detriment to the person’s immunity or effectiveness of the vaccine and they will not need to repeat their first dose.”

“People aged 80 and over will receive their second dose in the same way they received their first Second doses for this age group are underway. For people who received their first dose as a home visit, this will be the same for their second dose. A dedicated Housebound Vaccination Team has been set up and they will be in touch on the day they plan to visit.”

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