Gary loses more than 11 stones in 35 weeks

Last July after Motherwell man Gary Kirkwood was told due to his weight it would cost him double to travel abroad for a friend's stag do he decided change was needed.

Gary Kirkwood as he was in November 2016 (left) and as he is today
Gary Kirkwood as he was in November 2016 (left) and as he is today

Gary joined his local Weight Watchers meeting weighing in at 31 stones and 12 pounds, a surprise to him as domestic scales don’t go up that far.

He admits it was scary going through the door at Motherwell United Services Club to his first meeting but knew that he had to do it for his health as well as his enjoyment of life.

With the help of his supportive coach Cathy Scarrow, Gary has lost 11 stones and 1lb in just 35 weeks and is determined to continue with his Weight Watchers journey..

Gary said: “It was easy to follow the Weight Watchers plan I started to track what I was eating, cutting down on my portion sizes and even started to cook from scratch a meal, which I had never done before!

“I also started doing some simple exercises, step up on the stairs in my flat and also walking back and forth in the lobby.

“It’s amazing and it’s my own drive, focus and motivation that has got me to this stage of my journey and I am enjoy every minute of it.”