How to book a Covid test in Glasgow

Do you want to get tested for Covid-19, even though you are not showing symptoms?

LFD or lateral flow tests are rapid tests that can be done at home within 30 minutes and help find positive cases among people who are infectious but not showing symptoms.

Why should you take a lateral flow test?

Everyone in Scotland is urged to take one of these tests at least twice a week. Around one in three people with coronavirus do not show symptoms, so can spread the virus without even knowing they have it.

How does a lateral flow test work?

You take a sample from your nose and throat and then leave the swab to be tested - it takes around 30 minutes for a result to be returned. You can then report your result online. Click here - to do that.

How to order

Click here to order an LFD test. This website will also show your nearest Covid-19 test site, where you can pick up a kit, and which pharmacies are also offering the kits.

Not just at home

Asymptomatic testing facilities have been set up around Greater Glasgow and Clyde. To find where you nearest testing facility and to book a test, click here.