Mixed results for dementia ward at Stobhill after inspection

23-05-2015 Picture Roberto Cavieres.  General view of Stobhill Hospital23-05-2015 Picture Roberto Cavieres.  General view of Stobhill Hospital
23-05-2015 Picture Roberto Cavieres. General view of Stobhill Hospital
The Mental Welfare Commission has recently published a report on the standard of care offered in a dementia unit at New Stobhill Hospital.

Jura Ward provides care and assessments for older men and women and has 20 beds. Inspectors visited seven patients and three carers or relatives as well as the charge nurse and other staff.

The report states that although the unit benefited from the input of four consultant psychiatrists and support from other medical professionals, the quality of note taking during management meeting could be improved.

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With regard to the standard of care, they said: “The quality of care planning for the management of stress and distress varied greatly. We found one excellent care plan based on the Newcastle model. However, we found several patients where there was evidence in the chronological notes that they were expressing stress and distress where there was no care plan to address this.”

The inspectors were impressed by the physical environment in which care is provided. They wrote: “The ward is bright, spacious and in good decorative order, and there are a number of quiet spaces as well as the large sitting areas. Murals around the ward add interest to the environment as do the memory walls. Some of the displays are maintained by the local museums department and varied over time. We were pleased to see that some of the showers have been altered in line with our previous recommendation.”

The external environment also impressed thanks to the well-used and well-designed secure garden, which offers outdoor games and planters used by the gardening group.

The practice of giving patients the choice whether to have meals communally or in private was also praised.

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A spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “We welcome the recent Mental Welfare Commission report and the recommendations made regarding Jura ward on the New Stobhill Hospital.

“This report highlights a number of areas which were praised by the inspectors. They also made some recommendations on how we manage paperwork and an action plan is being developed to address these recommendations.

“Inspectors highlighted that ward staff were visible in the ward and engaged with patients throughout their visit. They also made mention of staff clearly knowing their patients well and the warm, welcoming and calm atmosphere within the ward.

“The recognition of the physical health needs of patients being addressed and corresponding care plans being in place also highlights our recognition of the importance of meeting patients’ physical health needs.

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“To further build on this work we are recruiting a new therapeutic activity nurse for our older adult wards to increase access to socialisation and recreational activities as part of their overall care and treatment.”

The full report is available for inspection via the commission website at www.mwcscot.org.uk.