Parents appeal to save baby Bonnie

A Newarthill family are trying to raise £100,000 to send their baby daughter for experimental treatment in America.
Bonnie with her parents Jack McMillan and Kayla StrachanBonnie with her parents Jack McMillan and Kayla Strachan
Bonnie with her parents Jack McMillan and Kayla Strachan

Eight-month-old Bonnie Strachan is one of only six people in Scotland to have been diagnosed with the very rare genetic disease Neimann Pick type C.

Bonnie developed jaundice soon after being born at Wishaw General Hospital, but medical staff did not see it as a major cause for concern.

However, her parents Kayla Strachan and Jack McMillian realised she wasn’t developing as quickly as her brothers, Dylan and Lucas.

They raised their concerns with a health worker. Initially doctors thought Bonnie was suffering from colic and later glandular fever, but last month came the terrible diagnosis.

Neimann Pick type C sees a build-up of fat around the brain, liver and spleen, which results in symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer’s.

Kayla said: “You expect to have kids and for them to all be healthy and happy, and this was a huge shock for our whole family.

“There is no known cure at the moment and no clinical trials in the UK for children under two, so we are determined to get Bonnie to the US while there is still time.

“If Bonnie does get accepted for trials in America, the chances are we will need to move to Chicago as she will need ­treatment every two weeks, at least until she is two.

“We are just a young family and can’t afford it by ourselves, but we hope that with enough support out there we can do it.”

To support Bonnie visit the Go Fund Me page.