Pollution said to cause deaths

It’s argued many more people are being killed by air pollution than road accidents.

But detailed air quality indicators show one of the area’s previous black spots - the quarry works at Croy - has improved dramatically since their closure in 2011.

There are now two air quality monitors in the area, at Croy and on a location close to the Red Deer and M80, and current figures appear to show both sites are recording only lower levels of pollution.

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Across North Lanarkshire as a whole the situation more than 140 people are said to be dying per year because of polluton.

Glasgow has the highest reported claimed deaths figure at 306 per year, and across Scotland fatalities due to pollution are said to total 2,094.

Pollutants of the sort created by road traffic and industrial or office emissions are said to cause cancers and aggravate respiratory conditions.

However North Lanarkshire Council has an elaborate programme of improvements underway, which also includes eco-measures in council buildings.

And hundreds of fines have been handed out for motorists allowing engines to idlec while, for example, waiting outside schools.