St John Scotland teach CPR

St John Scotland is hosting a free CPR training session on Saturday, April 21, from 10am'“2pm in Kilsyth Burns and Old Parish Church Hall.
A St John Scotland volunteer delivers CPR trainingA St John Scotland volunteer delivers CPR training
A St John Scotland volunteer delivers CPR training

CPR is a life-saving skill and can double the chances of survival for people who’ve had a cardiac arrest. Every year in Scotland, 3500 people will suffer a cardiac arrest, but currently only around one in 20 will survive.

The free session is being run as part of the Save a Life for Scotland initiative, which aims to train 500,000 people in Scotland bystander CPR skills by 2020.

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As part of its work dedicated to saving and enhancing life, St John Scotland host free CPR sessions across the country under the Save a Life for Scotland banner. The event in Kilsyth will be coordinated by a team of volunteers from the charity.

Stephen Corbett, a trained paramedic and volunteer with St John Scotland, will lead the CPR training.

He said: “You should never be frightened to step forward and attempt to save someone’s life. By learning CPR you will have that ability to help if the worst should ever happen.

“Performing CPR will give someone who has collapsed a better chance of survival until medical help arrives. We hope to see many people attend our free session in Kilsyth to learn hands-only CPR. It’s easy to learn, takes only around 15 minutes, and could prove vital in an emergency.”

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