Warning of telltales signs of infant Hepatitus which stuck four-year-old girl in NHS Lanarkshire boundaries

A warning about the signs of Hepatitus has been re-issued by NHS Lanarkshire after emerged that a four year-old-girl has been treated in Wishaw General Hospital for the virus.

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The child had been referred via her doctor at the town’s Clyde View Medical Practice amidst concerns with the darkened colour of her urine but other common telltale symptoms are jaundice and vomiting.

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The rare condition which affects the liver numbers has affected 26 Scottish under tens between January and May.

Alison Smith-Palmer, Public Health Consultant, said: “The current risk to children of hepatitis remains low. However, if a child shows signs of jaundice - where there is a yellow tinge in the whites of the eyes or on the skin - parents or carers should contact their GP or call NHS 24 on 111 out with GP opening times.

“Other symptoms can include muscle and joint pains, tiredness, feeling sick, a high temperature, loss of appetite and stomach pain.”