What's your sleep scenario?

Sleepless nights will be a thing of the past as six, fun '˜Sleep Scenario' characters have been launched to help the nation get a better night's sleep.
Could you be heading to the land of nod?Could you be heading to the land of nod?
Could you be heading to the land of nod?

The Sleep Council has introduced the exciting sleep profiles to help people relate to any sleep issues they may be dealing with.

Developed as part of its new website launch, the Sleep Scenario profiles include a busy mum, a shift worker, an elderly lady, a teenager, a little girl and a businessman who travels the world, often suffering from jetlag.

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The redeveloped online sleep hub also provides visitors access free ‘Nodcasts’ – sounds of birdsong, rain, thunder and lightning, waves and wind – to listen to if anyone needs a soothing sound to help drift off to sleep.

Invaluable guidance and advice on all things sleep for both adults and children is also available – including how to create the perfect sleeping environment, seven steps for a better night’s sleep and interactive online polls – as the organisation continues its pledge to help people get a better night’s sleep.

Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council said: “We have a completely new look and feel to our website with the aim of providing an all-in-one sleep hub for anyone who visits the site.

“Our Good-Night Guide and the Good-Night Guide for Children will also be hosted on the website and can be downloaded free of charge. We have also introduced a ‘Stress Test’ with guidance and advice to help improve health and wellbeing at the end of the questionnaire. We’ve also introduced a host of advice and top tip videos which will be featured on the new website, as well as out YouTube channel.

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“Whilst we are not experts or specialists in the fields of sleep disorders or insomnia, we do provide helpful advice and tips on how to improve sleep quality from children, teens through to adults.

“We’ve had some great feedback on the new website so far, which aims to inform people on how to improve sleep quality and create the perfect sleep environment. Happy snoozing!”

To check out the new website, visit http://www.sleepcouncil.org.uk/.

The Sleep Council is also on Twitter: @TheSleepCouncil and Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheSleepCouncil.

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