Unlikely American A-list celebrities that support Glasgow football teams - including Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, David Hasslehoff, and more

‘Glasgow is a crazy city and I don’t need an excuse to visit one of my favourite places in Europe. But to come over and party with the champions of Scotland would be special fo Schizzle.’

It’s not uncommon for Celtic and Rangers to see fans from across the globe with some sort of connection to Scotland - what is incredibly uncommon is seeing American A-list celebrities take an interest in the sport.

It’s even more crazy to think that teams like Partick Thistle have even garnered support from huge American actors. So we put together this list of American celebrities that support Glasgow SPFL teams - enjoy!

Snoop Dogg - Celtic

Snoop has long been a supporter of Celtic FC.

This image of Snoop looks so much like an early photoshop that it can be hard to believe it’s real - but nonetheless it’s a genuine picture from the rap artist. Snoop claims to have been a Celtic fan since 2005 - after DJ pal, Big Al, gave him one of the clubs shirts.

The hip hop legend even attended one of the most famous games the club has had in recent history, the 2-1 win over Barcelona in 2013. It was at this point Snoop even said he would consider investing in the club, if any of the board were interested - unfortunately this never came to fruition.

He told the Daily Record in March of this year: “As soon as they are champions, you better believe I am on that flight to Glasgow.

“The night is going to go off and whatever they want to do, it’s all going to be on Snoop.

“The champagne is going to be out and we are going to get it poppin’.

“Glasgow is a crazy city and I don’t need an excuse to visit one of my favourite places in Europe. But to come over and party with the champions of Scotland would be special fo Schizzle.”

Robert Downey Jr - Celtic

Robert Downey Jr is also an alleged Celtic fan.

The Iron Man actor is also supposedly a Celtic fan - if this image is to be believed. Since the picture was never tweeted or acknowledged by the Marvel star - it remains unclear if this is a photoshop job, if the actor just took the request to wear the top from a fan, or if the man really is a die-hard hoops fan.

Mike Tyson - Rangers

Mike Tyson was papped wearing a Rangers top while training in England.

The boxing superstar was pictured wearing a Rangers top while leaving the gym in 2010. It was outside the Smackdown gym in Peterborough where this iconic image was snapped.

Back home in Los Angeles, the star was spotted again wearing the Rangers jersey - so the question remains, is Iron Mike truly a bear? Or is it just a comfy and handy top to wear while training? Until the boxer confirms his suport himself, we may never know.

David Hasslehoff - Partick Thistle

David Hasslehoff came out as a jags fan.

Now this is truly a bizarre sight to see - who would have thought that the Mr. Baywatch himself was a fan of the Jags. Not to put the team down - but if you said ‘Partick Thistle’ to the average American they would most likely reply with ‘bless you’.

The star of Knight Rider declared his love for the team in 2015 - bigging them up as ‘a team for the people’. It was during a visit to Glasgow during a feature at the Peter Pan pantomime with the Krankies when he first tweeted his support for Thistle.

The more sceptical among us would claim this was move by his marketing team to not alienate Celtic or Rangers fans on either side - but we would really like to believe that the Hoff is tuning in weekly to watch Thistle take on the likes of Cove Rangers and Greenock Morton.

Patrick Dempsey - Rangers

The star of Grey’s Anatomy was spotted wearing a Rangers top in LA.

Patrick Dempsey was papped wearing a Rangers top from the 2010-2011 season in Los Angeles - while his twin sons were also adorned in Rangers gear.

The Rangers support is a tradition passed down the generations in Dempsey’s family. Patrick’s step-grandfather was a Scottish Rangers fan, and he claims the support through him - which he has passed on to his own sons.