Back to school for pop’s next big thing

Times are good for local pop sensation Nycki Simz. The up-and-coming music star has been entertaining audiences at school assemblies around Glasgow promoting her debut single, My Radio Song.

Nycki (17), from Abronhill, was taken by surprise by the success of her first release. “It was incredible,” she said. “Within a few days it was around the top 200 out of over 1,000 tracks in the chart. I was up there with the likes of Conor Maynard and Katy Perry. I was quite chuffed to be up there with people with massive fanbases.”

The school tour is calling at numerous primary and secondary schools around the Glasgow area, including Nycki’s alma mater of Our Lady’s High, where she was a pupil mere months ago.

“It was wonderful performing at my old school, all the pupils and staff were really supportive. I hope that I inspired some of them by showing that if you set your heart on something and work hard you can get there.”

Meanwhile the ever-busy Nycki has been working

Once the school tour is concluded Nycki will be concentrating on radio stations, and she is also scheduled to play Cumbernauld New Town Hall on October 27. Tickets for these performances should be on sale within the next week. “The show will feature a lineup of special guests and I will be performing with full backing.” Nycki’s management also hinted that a few of her friends from X-Factor could make an appearance.

Nycki would also like to thank the many local companies who have helped her get her career off to a flying start.

Pictures by Gary Hutchison 123081

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