Broom Church sets up a Christian Support Fund to work in partnership with ERGoodCauses

Russell Macmillan (left) with Minister Jim Boag.Russell Macmillan (left) with Minister Jim Boag.
Russell Macmillan (left) with Minister Jim Boag.
Broom Church has decided to set up a new Christian Support Fund to help them as a Church of Scotland congregation, Love their Neighbours in their own area.

The church have now set up their new Broom Church Christian Support Fund in order to work with ERGoodCauses.

Jim Boag, minister at Broom said: “Over the years, we at Broom have support many different wonderful projects and causes both overseas and within this country, and we plan to continue with this type of support, as one of our ways of honouring our God and following the example set by Jesus.

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“However after seeing the work of East Renfrewshire Good Causes in our local area, we thought it would be a great addition to our outreach, if we worked in partnership with this charity, to show our Christian love to some of our deserving neighbours closer to home”

Jim continued: “We as a church have already provided large quantities of donated groceries and toiletries to the ERGoodCauses Store, which provides help for the many homeless people living in temporary accommodation within East Renfrewshire, whilst they wait on a permanent tenancy or other type of home.

“However, some of the local need requires money to purchase specific items of equipment or services that are not available from the state via NHS or Social Work, so we decided to create a pot of money that would enable us to join with ERGC to raise the local standard.”

All applications to ERGC come in from trained and trusted frontline professionals like teachers, health and social care staff like nurses, doctors, physiotherapists etc. as they know the clients, their needs and the gaps in state provision. This way both the charity and any church like Broom, know that their financial support is being directed by experts at the “coal face” or our modern society.

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Russell Macmillan, founder of ERGC added: “I so welcome Broom Church Christian Support Fund as a valued local partner, and look forward to working with them to help more local people.”

Should any other church, business or individual wish to join the ERGC team effort, contact Russell Macmillan by email at [email protected] or call 01416398230.