Citizen’s Theatre’s Caryl Churchill double is a dark delight

Caryl Churchill is regularly hailed as the greatest living English playwright and this wonderful double-bill of her work at Glasgow’s Citizen’s Theatre demonstrates exactly why.
Lucy Hollis and Alasdair Hankinson in Far AwayLucy Hollis and Alasdair Hankinson in Far Away
Lucy Hollis and Alasdair Hankinson in Far Away

First up is ‘Far Away’, set in a dystopian future where war rages on all sides, spreading fear and paranoia throughout humanity, the animal world and beyond.

Overt exposition is abandoned, leaving the often dreamlike story of one young woman’s part in the horrors to be driven purely by dialogue - veering from humourous to disturbing in a heartbeat.

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Stunning set design, a grotesque fashion show and a foreboding industrial score combine with faultless acting to create a work designed to live long in the memory.

More straightforward, but just as satisfying, is ‘Seagulls’ - the tale of a woman born with telekineses.

The question of what defines us as individuals, and what happens if that’s ultimately lost, is handled deftly by the same strong cast.

Far Away (and Seagulls) runs until June 8.

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