Dunsyre singer-songwriter Jack Hinks is real Guitar Hero

HAVING mastered computer game Guitar Hero, teenager Jack Hinks decided to turn his attention to the real thing with stunning results.

Jack Hinks by Ellie Morag
Jack Hinks by Ellie Morag

Eighteen-year-old Jack’s musical journey began not with an instrument but with the computer game when he was only 12.

Music then became his passion and a real guitar followed.

Six years on, Jack has left Biggar High School and is now pursuing music as a full-time career.

He said: “My first love was really acting and then I got Guitar Hero; after that I was hooked!

“After I got my real guitar I enjoyed playing the songs I like to listen to and it just built from there.

“Now that I’ve left school I’m playing a lot of gigs in Edinburgh with my backing band and spending time in the studio as well as recording some demos with our producer Garry Boyle.”

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