Falls of Clyde Nature Notes

With the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s resident peregrine falcons now happily in their eyrie at Falls of Clyde, New Lanark, and ‘Lady’ the osprey returning for an incredible 22nd year at our Loch of the Lowes reserve in Perthshire, you could assume that wildlife are the star attractions on our nature reserves.

But with different sorts of wildflowers blossoming across Scotland, these can be just as interesting and important as our most well-known species of wildlife.

Wildflower wALK

We are hosting a Wildflower Walk on the reserve here at Falls of Clyde where people will be able see and identify many different types of wildflower along the pathways to the Falls.

Wood anemone, marsh marigold and golden saxifrage are all in bloom at the moment as well as many other species. Be careful not to disturb them if you do see them on the reserve as some are rare and others are poisonous.

As stated above, the breeding season for the resident birds of prey at two of the Scottish Wildlife Trusts centres is well underway.

On Friday ‘Lady’ the osprey returned to Loch of the Lowes. It is believed that she is the UK’s oldest breeding osprey and has been making annual visits now for 22 years.

The peregrines here at Falls of Clyde are also doing very well, with the good weather bringing the crowds to the watch site to see the falcon and tiercel.

It now looks like there are three eggs on the eyrie with maybe another to follow soon.

To book your place on any event, for further information on all wildlife issues or to report a sighting please contact the Scottish Wildlife Trust at our Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre at New Lanark on 01555 665262 or email [email protected]

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