Fosters Funeral Directors offer personalised services

Personalising a funeral to reflect a loved one’s life can bring great comfort when saying a final farewell, according to one local firm.

Julie Stewart, funeral arranger at Fosters Motherwell, explains that there are many ways to personalise the funeral service of a loved one.

With years of experience in funeral arranging the compassionate and experienced team at Fosters Motherwell understand that the simplest of gestures can mean so much, such as mourners wearing a specific colour or the funeral conductor ‘paging away’ – walking ahead of the hearse – from the family home one last time.

Often known as a Celebration of Life, a personalised funeral shares fond memories, and brings smiles as well as tears. And it needn’t be expensive; at Fosters Motherwell personalised funerals start from just £1,995.

Julie Stewart, funeral arranger at Fosters Motherwell explains that there are many ways to personalise the funeral service of a loved one.

The family of a mechanic said it was important that his final farewell captured his true spirit.

“As a funeral arranger an important part of my role is to pick up on the little details that can mean so much. When a person passes away and their family visit Fosters, I listen very carefully to the memories they share as those stories can really help to personalise the funeral service.”

Motorbike memories

Julie continues “One family told me that their dad had been a mechanic and he was the go-to person in the neighbourhood if you needed anything fixed. All the kids would queue up to get their bikes or skateboards fixed. He skillfully repaired everything that was put in front of him but his real passion in life was motorbikes and he was never far from an old engine.

“On the day of the funeral, we arranged for a motorbike to lead the funeral cortege from the church to the crematorium. On the front of the order of service was a lovely photo of the gentleman in his garage wearing his oily overalls and a beaming smile. It was important to his family that his final farewell captured his true spirit.”

Other ideas for personalising a funeral service include giving a memento to family and friends as they leave the service. Fosters can create customised bookmarks with a photo or quote, and they can order small packets of seeds to take home and plant in memory of your loved one.

With a Fosters personalised funeral there are no hidden costs, and the £1,995 price includes the cost of a hearse and one limousine. If you prefer a more unique form of transport like a horse drawn carriage or motorbike escort that can easily be arranged.

Funeral arranger Julie explains: “Fosters have been supporting bereaved families since 2005 and we have a wide network who we can rely on to fulfil more unusual requests. From a Scotland flag coffin to a brass band playing, we will do our utmost to ensure your loved one has the final farewell they wanted.”

Fosters have a full range of services available from £1,675. Find out more by calling 01698 594 016 or visiting