Fosters: how to choose a fitting funeral

When it comes to discussing what you’d like for your own funeral families often shy away from the topic for fear of causing upset or simply because it feels a bit grim. Yet if we don’t tell our nearest and dearest about our preferences, how will they know what to do when the time comes?

This local funeral director can help you plan a fitting tribute.

Terry Buchan, area manager from Fosters Funeral Directors explains: “A funeral service is an important part of the grieving process and families want to give their loved one ‘a good send-off’.When a person has shared their wishes it helps make an emotionally difficult time that little bit easier for those you leave behind. However, it’s common for there to be a lot of guesswork for next of kin who don’t know preferences for burial or cremation or a favourite song or reading. That’s why we’re encouraging more people to talk about these things.”

Terry continues “For some people the tradition and ritual of a church service is really important as it reflects their religious beliefs. For others a more personalised approach feels like a better fit, for example having a colourful coffin or mourners wearing a specific colour to attend the service. Then there’s those who want a direct cremation with no service with family gathering at a later date to raise a glass to them.”

Funerals have changed over the years with modern and eco-friendly options available to suit individual taste and financial circumstance, which leads us on to the often-overlooked part of funeral planning.

Who is responsible for paying for the funeral?

Another important point to be aware of is that unless an individual has savings or a pre-paid funeral plan, their next of kin will be responsible for the paying the bill.

New regulation within the funeral sector means that every funeral director must clearly display a breakdown of prices and services on their website. Typically, a funeral can cost thousands of pounds, yet families don’t compare prices in the way that they do when making an equally expensive purchase, such as buying a car or booking a holiday.

The Cost Of Dying Report 2021 reveals that 50% of families surveyed had to borrow money to pay for a funeral and 1 in 7 families said the expense caused them notable financial difficulty. Worrying statistics and perhaps even more reason to consider planning ahead.

Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Popular amongst those aged 50+ pre-paid funeral plans involve recording preferences for your own funeral and paying in either a lump sum or smaller monthly payments.

Clients of Fosters Funeral Directors gave the following reasons for purchasing a funeral plan.

Peace of mind – there’s reassurance in knowing that everything is taken care of

Choice and pricing – Fosters offer a choice of plans to fit individual needs and budgets

Protect against rising costs – by buying a funeral plan today the cost of the essential funeral director services provided by Fosters is locked in at today’s price.

Fosters offer a range of pre-paid funeral plans ranging from Scotland’s Lowest Cost Direct Cremation Plan at £1,195 to a Personalised Funeral Plan from only £17.77 per month. If you’re aged 40 – 75 you are guaranteed to be accepted without any medical or lifestyle questions.

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