Neighbours become far from good friends here!

Have you ever wondered who across the country complains more about nuisance nightmare neighbours than anyone else? A new survey reveals all!

Many across the UK have nuisance neighbours (photo: Adobe)
Many across the UK have nuisance neighbours (photo: Adobe)

New research by Comparethemarket reveals UK councils together receive an average of 190,181 complaints a year about nuisance neighbours.

That's a complaint on average every two minutes and 46 seconds!

In fact, one in 12 Brits doesn’t get on with their neighbours while one in seven doesn’t even know their neighbours’ name.

Nightmare neigbours across the UK revealed in survey (photo: Adobe)

The research also reveals the areas with the most complaints alongside Brits’ general perceptions of their neighbours.

Comparethemarket has created a quiz to help people work out what kind of neighbour they are.

Noise levels (129,122) and build-up of rubbish (15,915) are top nuisance complaints made by neighbours.

These grievances are followed by smoke, fumes or gases (14,718) and complaints made against business premises (6,783).

UK cities with the most nuisance neighbours revealed (photo: Adobe)

The following shows the number of complaints by nuisance type and average number of yearly complaints of that type of protest ...

Noise levels – 129,122

Build-up of rubbish that could harm health – 15,915

Smoke, fumes or gases – 14,718

Dust, steam, smell or insects from business premises – 6,783

High hedges, trees and boundaries – 2,693

Artificial light – 2,252

Mancunians complain the most about their neighbours.

Residents in Manchester are most likely to have issues with those living next door.

The city sees over 12,000 complaints made to the council every year, totalling 61,400 within the last five years, of these 29,345 due to noise.

According to recent findings Newham and Birmingham as well as Barret and Haringey are also among worst places for disruptive neighbours.

The following are the ten areas with most average annual nuisance complaints by area and number of average yearly complaints ...

Manchester – 12,280

Newham – 9,660

Birmingham – 7,608

Barret and Haringey – 6,589

Waltham Forest – 6,010

Bradford – 5,475

Southampton – 5,453

Glasgow – 4,911

Swansea – 4,653

Doncaster – 4,594

To see what kind of neighbour you are, and discover some helpful neighbour etiquette tips, visit website.

Freedom of Information requests from 136 councils across the UK and Northern Ireland looked at number and nature of complaints about neighbours for years 2017 to 2021.