Family Matters

The birth of Elise Cant

PARENTS: Mum Pam (31) owns her own cleaning business Magic Maid. Husband Paul (30) is an executive sales advisor with Arnold Clark. They live in Wellesley Drive in Blackwood. The Cants already have two daughters, Aimee and Olivia.

PREGNANCY: “It felt fantastic for most of it,’’ said Pam.

BIRTH: A whopping 26-hour labour and staff thought they might have to induce the birth but baby appeared of her own accord when they weren’t expecting her!

BABY: Apparently there haven’t been many sleepless nights as Elise loves to snooze!

NAME: The couple had considered this name for Olivia and realised that it suited their new arrival perfectly.

GRANDPARENTS: Pam’s mum Janet McInnes lives in Kirkintilloch and Paul’s mum and dad David and Gill live in Kilsyth’s Glen Grove.

THANKS To hospital staff and everyone who has been so generous with gifts and good wishes.