5 best Glasgow bars and pubs, according to our readers

People from all over the world visit Glasgow for the purpose of having a night out - it’s one of the great Scottish experiences.

Glaswegian’s famous banter, the buzzing live music scene, and the sheer number of fantastic restaurants are just some of the reasons that people travel from far and wide to Glasgow.

Another reason is because of the city’s amazing bars and pubs. Glasgow is famous for its abudance of top drawer drinking venues.

We asked our readers on Facebook to name their favourite bars and pubs in the city - and these were the top five.

Glasgow has some great bars and pubs.
Glasgow has some great bars and pubs.
Glasgow has some great bars and pubs.


The Clutha is a Glasgow institution. The bar, overlooking the river it is named after, is well-known for its great live music scene (it was voted as one of the best for live music) and the beautiful mural which surrounds it, featuring some of Glasgow’s most famous faces. Thanks to the dedication of its owner and punters, the bar has recovered following the tragic helicopter crash which killed 10 people in 2013.

The Laurieston

Another Glasgow landmark, The Laurieston is a flashback to times long gone. It has a history going back almost 200 years, and punters from the 1960s would find the bar familiar even now. As well as being famous for its nostalgic feeling, it is also a popular drinking spot for beer lovers - with a great range of drinks available.

Solid Rock

This Hope Street bar has been blasting out the best rock anthems since its opening night in 1987. The bar has a laid back vibe, with big screens, pool tables and, as the name suggests, great music.

The Woods

This modern bar on Waterloo Street opened a few years ago and has become a popular spot in Glasgow. As well as a big range of drinks and food, it also has live DJ sets every weekend - sure to get you dancing.

The Grapes Bar

There has been a bar at the corner of Paisley Road West and MacLean Street for almost 150 years. Now The Grapes Bar, this one is popular with Rangers fans, especially those heading towards, or back from, Ibrox on a matchday.