Glasgow Cocktail Week 2021: Here’s how to make the most popular cocktails at home

If you’re missing Glasgow Cocktail Week, we’ve got step-by-step guides on how to make some of the most popular cocktails at home.

Picture: Glasgow Cocktail Week

Here are five cocktails that were made especially for this year’s Glasgow Cocktail Week.

Apricot Sidecar from Abandoned Ship Bar

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Apricot Brandy

Triple Sec

Lemon Juice


Fill up a tall glass with ice for it to stay chilled until you pour the sieved mixture into it.

Top with a garnish of thinly sliced lemon or lime and enjoy!

Astro Cooler from Vega bar


Whitely Neil Rhubarb & Ginger

Lemon Juice


Fraise de Bois



Fill a highball glass with crushed ice and mint, muddle together the gin, lemon juice and Fraise de Bois, top with lemonade and serve with a strawberry.

Jupiters Moon from The Spiritualist


35ml of Apple Juice

25ml of Whitley Neill Parma Gin

12.5ml of Violet Liqueur

25ml of Fresh Lime Juice


Add the apple and fresh lime juice to the base of a highball glass with cubed ice and fill with Butterfly blue tea crushed ice.

After this, fill the glass with Parma Gin, Violet Liqueur and top with soda, dehydrated lime, mint leaves and garnish with a raspberry.

This drink requires no shaking or mixing - just fill and enjoy!

‘Miss Moskito’ from Moskito bar


35ml Whitley Neill Blood Orange

25ml Fresh Lemon Juice

3-5 drops of Foumee

5ml St Germaine - Elder Flower liqueur

(Optional 50ml Apple Juice)


This drink is known to be a ‘dry and wet’ cocktail which means you are going to dry and wet shake this drink.

Put a spring into your shaker as this will help emulsify the cocktail. Add 3-5 drops of Foumee into the shaker (this is also known as an alternative for egg whites normally used for sour drinks.)

Add Blood Orange and St Germaine after, for a little bit of sweetness. Add in lemon juice to your taste - depending on how strong you would like it, and give it a good mix.

Once you have your blended mixture, fill the shaker with ice as this will now act as your ‘wet’ shake and shake well again.

(You can add Apple juice into this step at this point if you prefer.)

Ice up your summer sipper glass and pour the blended mixture in using a sieve and garnish with a dehydrated lemon .


Spa Day from The Spiritualist

The Ingredients

25ml of Whitley Neill Original

12.5ml of St Germaine

12.5ml of Gomme

12.5ml of Fresh Lime Juice

How to

Shake well into a mixer with mint and cucumber and strain the mixture into a hurricane glass with cubed ice.

Top with Elderflower tunic ,crushed ice and garnish with a thinly sliced cucumber strip and mint leaves.