Raoul from 2005 Irn-Bru adverts to make a comeback for Iron Brew Xtra sour beer

Many of us still remember the ad’s famous ‘yoohoo ladies’ line - and now the schmoozy lifeguard of Irn-Bru fame is back.

Scotland’s biggest sour beer producer, Vault City Brewing, has signed the nation’s favourite Latin lothario to help launch its brand-new birthday “brew”.

In a hilarious new video, the Portobello-based brewer enlists Gary Naidoo – famous for playing schmoozy bouncing lifeguard Raoul in the classic 2005 Diet Irn Bru ad – to launch their new Iron Brew Xtra flavoured beer.

The tongue-in-cheek video shows South African actor Naidoo being reunited with a new pair of ‘budgie smugglers’ as he is revealed as Vault City’s new ambassador. Until now, the Raoul role was one of the biggest of Naidoo’s career, and he told last year how he only landed the gig when the first-choice actor pulled out.

Co-founder of Vault City, Steven Smith Hay, who also stars in the social media spoof, is confident sour beer fans will be delighted with Vault City’s latest addition having finally got his man. He said: “This beer pays homage to one of Scotland’s great loves and one of Scotland’s greatest lovers.

“Raoul is a huge cultural icon and I’m delighted that Gary has joined the sour beer revolution to help us launch our brand new brew. He may not have been Barr’s first choice – but he was always number one for Vault City.”


The brewer’s latest drop follows the hugely successful release of their Iron Brew flavoured beer in January, which sold more than 10,000 cans in less than 24 hours as bars across the UK stocked up for Burns Night celebrations.

Smith-Hay added: “We were thrilled with how well our Burns Night beer was received earlier this year, so we’re confident Irn Bru fans will enjoy this version of the release just as much.”

Cape Town-based Naidoo said: “What an honour! I’m delighted to continue my link with Scotland through the launch of Vault City’s new beer. For more than 15 years, Scotland has been a huge part of my life and I’m glad to see this continue.

“Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to come over and see the brewery soon. I’m a huge fan of sour beer – I hope everyone back in Scotland sees the funny side, and nobody is sour about this new partnership!”

The 8% ABV beer has been launched as part of a limited-edition collection celebrating the brewer’s fourth birthday. The celebration also includes the launch of new flavours including Raspberry Vanilla Lollipop (4.5%), From a Gaelic Sea, Far, Far Away – an Imperial Stout created with Emperor’s Brewery (10%), and Valencia Orange Session Sour IPA (4.7%).


Since its launch in 2018, Vault City has become one of the UK’s best-selling sour beer brands, with turnover exceeding £2 million for the first time this year.

Last month, the brewer announced a new deal with supermarket giant Morrisons to exclusively stock its Dark Fruits and Peach & Passion Fruit Bellini flavoured sour beers in stores nationwide.

It comes after the brewer launched its first core range in May – which was listed by close to 200 independent bars and pubs across the UK– and a successful crowdfunding campaign which helped launch their new Porty Vaults bar and smokehouse in Portobello.

Vault City also received national attention by becoming the first UK brewer to formally adopt a four-day working week in January this year.

To learn more about Vault City Brewing, and to explore their extensive range of modern sour beers, visit the Vault City website.