Fun and games as Playing Out trial comes to East Renfrewshire

A new initiative aiming to get youngsters out playing in their own street comes to East Renfrewshire this weekend.

Playing Out has developed a model where neighbours close their street to through traffic for a couple of hours, creating a safe space for children to play outdoors, letting them play freely and safely on their street and can help better connect local communities.

East Renfrewshire Council’s trial will be in one street in Eastwood (part of Nethercliffe Avenue) and one street in Barrhead (South Park Avenue) this Saturday, August 4 with local roads closed off from 1pm to 4pm.

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Tesco Express in Clarkston has kindly donated water, juice, crisps and fruit, while a representative of Summerlee Museum is attending the event and bringing along a box of older street games for the children to try.

Councillors Annette Ireland and Angela Convery have been championing this idea and working very hard to get a small trial of Playing Out brought to East Renfrewshire this summer.

Councillor Ireland said: “We are aiming to give local children the chance to get outdoors and reclaim their streets for play – as well as a real chance to bring the local community closer together.

“Both myself and Councillor Convery have been working towards this for some time now and we are both very optimistic for future Street Play events here in East Renfrewshire. This will be a great opportunity and a great way to get more children and adults playing outdoors. We very much hope this small trial will highlight the importance of playing outdoors.”

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Councillor Angela Convery said: “Our aim is that children will see the fun and benefits of outdoor play and continue to do so. After asking if anyone would be interested in this happening in their street, the responses that we have received have been very positive.

“Although we have got the ball rolling on this trial, it is our ultimate aim that the reigns will be taken up by the local residents themselves.”

For more information contact Councillor Ireland on 07388 859265 or by emailing [email protected]