Glasgow the least likely city to pick up dog poo in the UK with over 10,000 reports of ‘dog fouling’ in five years

There have been over 10,000 reports of dog fouling - not picking up your dog’s droppings - in Glasgow in the last five years.

An FOI inquest by insurance comparison website,, found that Glasgow is the least likely area to pick up their dog poo.

Over 10,000 reports of dog fouling in Glasgow in the last five years - that’s an average of 2,131 reports per year - makes Glasgow the least likely city in the UK to pick up their dogs droppings. The second least likely city, Northumberland, has just over half the amount of reports, with 5,313 reports in five years, with an average of 1,328 per year.

North Lanarkshire also made the rankings - being the fifth least likely region in the UK to not pick up after their dog - with a total of 3,960 reports in five years, with an annual average of 990.

Glasgow tops the list for the most dog fouling reports, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that dog owners here also received the most fixed penalty notice’s(FPN) for not clearing up after their pets. Roughly a quarter of reported dog fouling incidents resulted in an FPN, with 2,563 recorded in the city over the last five years. This might not seem like much, but given how difficult it is to prove whether somebody’s dog is responsible for a particular incident, a quarter is rather impressive.

Glasgow also outranks the next place where dog owners are most likely to receive an FPN by quite a high margin. Clydach Vale in Wales comes in second place with 905 FPNs. Not cleaning up after a dog could land owners with a FPN of up to £100 or a fine of £1000 if prosecuted.

Interestingly, most dog owners in Glasgow decide to pay the FPNs given to them rather than face prosecution. In fact, Glasgow doesn’t even make the top 20 councils for prosecutions delivered. Instead, first place is taken by Barnsley, where 70 owners were prosecuted for dog fouling in the last five years. Clydach Vale, where 68 dog owners were prosecuted, is in close second.

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