Grimm tales explore theatre’s dark side

Cumbernauld Youth Theatre have certainly been busy lately as they will present not one but two newly-devised productions over the weekend.

Both productions, The Book of Grimm and After We’re Gone, take a look at the darker side of our imaginations, and are both devised around the question “what is it that you fear the most”?

The Book of Grimm looks at the ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves and other spooky things, but concludes the thing we fear the most is death. It then asks us to consider what if we could live forever without remorse?

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After We’re Gone contemplates the afterlife, looking at traditional visions of heaven and hell. Is heaven all fluffy clouds and angels, and is hell full of demons, fire and damned souls being tortured for eternity?

The performances this weekend are part of the group’s preparations for a big event coming up next month. With help from the Foyle Foundation, they will be performing at the National Festival of Youth Theatre in Glenrothes. The performances this week are a preview of the works they will present at the festival and the performers are very much looking forward to representing their town. This weekend’s performances will act as a preview for NFYT and the participants can’t wait to represent their home town alongside groups from all over Scotland.

Be warned though, these experiences are not for the faint of heart…

Tickets, priced just £6/£4, are available from, the theatre’s box office on 01236 732887.