This is what £150,000 gets you in London.This is what £150,000 gets you in London.
This is what £150,000 gets you in London.

5 Glasgow properties you can buy for the same price of 7sqm London 'bolthole'

It is not news that house prices in London are ridiculously expensive, however, when a 7sqm studio went on the market for £150,000 it left a lot of people shocked.

The ‘bolthole’ in the trendy Notting Hill area – close to celebrities including David Beckham and Elton John – can not be used as a permanent residence or let out. And no wonder. The tiny room has the sink, shower and bed next to each other.

Thankfully property prices in Glasgow are less ridiculous. £150,000 can buy you some decent homes around Glasgow.

Here are 5 of the best currently available.

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