A stylish line-up

Life may never follow a straight line, but this year, your decor should.
PA Photo/Dominic BlackmorePA Photo/Dominic Blackmore
PA Photo/Dominic Blackmore

Stripes are decorating every surface right now, from walls to floors. And not only are they the most fashionable choice of the season - and a smart way to bring colour and personality to rooms - they have the power to ‘stretch’ walls too.

It’s all a visual trick, of course, but vertical stripes can make ceilings appear taller, creating the illusion of height, while horizontal stripes elongate a space, making rooms feel wider.

“Stripes are a perennial favourite both on the catwalk and for interiors, and are particularly on trend this year,” says Mike Constable, managing director of fabric specialists Jab Anstoetz. “Their popularity isn’t surprising, because they’re versatile and have the power to completely change the look, feel and mood of a room, depending on their direction, width, colour and pattern sequence.

“Stripes can be elegant and sophisticated when monochrome, conjure sail-away style in blue and white, or be playful and wild in bold and bright colours. Bands of colour in the same width help create a classic look, whereas a mix of stripes in different widths are more modern.”

So if you thought zebras, pedestrian crossings and bar codes had the monopoly on stripes, think again.