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Planning some outdoor painting?Planning some outdoor painting?
Planning some outdoor painting?
Painting outdoors

If you’re painting outdoors, it’s all too easy for the paint to become contaminated with insects, leaves and other debris, especially on windy days.

To avoid this, pour a small amount of paint into a paint kettle and work from that, then you can keep the tin sealed and the paint inside clean.

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Feature walls inside the home are something we’re all familiar with, but have you considered creating one in your garden? Sandtex does a range of exterior paints for just this job - Sandtex Feature Wall Smooth Masonry Paint. The range includes some pretty vibrant colours, as well as lovely Evening Shadow (£18.98 for 2.5ltr, B&Q), a fashionable dark grey that’s perfect for a subtle style statement. The paint can be used on most exterior masonry surfaces and is designed to be tough, flexible, waterproof and dirt resistant, so however many, or few, walls you want to make a feature of, they’ll be protected for years to come (the paint offers 15 years of guaranteed protection), as well as looking great.