Internet gig helps MakethisRelate on way to big time

Clydesdale rockers MakethisRelate have played their ultimate homecoming gig – and bagged a potential slot at one of the UK’s biggest festivals in the process.

The band, who formed while studying sound production at Cumbernauld College, played the Red Bull Bedroom Jam slot in drummer Danny Kelly’s home in Lanark having gained enough fans to allow them to perform live on the internet.

They were such a hit that they now have the chance to play at one of the UK’s biggest festivals, including T in the Park.

It’s an exciting time for the band, who formed in 2008, having also secured a short UK tour as well.

Danny said: “Performing in the house was great. There was a lot of waiting around while all the equipment came in but overall we were very pleased with the way it went.

“On average around 1,000 people will watch Bedroom Jam live so it gives us more exposure.

“We had to upload a Youtube video onto Red Bull’s website and got our fans to request that we play live. And because of that we are now through to the next stage and hopefully onto bigger things.

“There is a real chance we could be playing a festival, which would be great for us.”

Danny is joined in the band by Carluke bassist Aidan Scott, lead guitarist David McErlane and guitarist and vocalist Kevin Walls. In a short space of time MakethisRelate have built up a solid fanbase and are regulars on the Glasgow circuit.

Songs like Watching Cars Crashing, Warm Hands/Frozen Heart and We’ll Always Be Famous For Our Biggest Failures have found them a loyal following.

Together they have produced a mix of pop melodies with the energy and aggression of alternative rock, delivered through a decidedly honest Scottish vocal.

They have already supported bands such as Flood of Red, Ten Second Epic, Elliot Minor, Blitz Kids, Don Broco, Scholars and Twenty Twenty.

Danny, who is now at the University of the West of Scotland, claimed MakethisRelate had a professional approach which hadhelped them succeed.

“I have played in bands since I was in high school and this has a different feel,” said Danny. “We are very professional in what we want to do. Before I was happy playing in front of 10 people and writing a couple of songs.

“Most of the lyrics are written by Kevin but the good thing is that we all contribute. Kevin might come in with a lyric and we can all add bits to it. It definitely works for us. We are in a band together and we all have contribute something to it.

“We started jamming at college to Biffy Clyro songs and were originally the backing band for Kevin’s solo stuff before we actually formed the band.

“We share some common influences like Jimmy Eat World, Biffy Clyro and Fightstar but everyone has their own different tastes that they bring.”

Next month is a massive month for the band.

Kicking off at PJ Molloys in Dunfermline on Tuesday, May 10, the lads will play seven venues in seven days across the country – ending at the Masque Club in Liverpool on Monday, May 16.

It will also take in slots at the O2 Academies in Newcastle, Birmingham and London sandwiched in between a gig at Glasgow’s ABC 2.

With three of the four members university courses set to end in the next year there is now a real effort from the band to make huge sacrifices in order to fulfill their dream.

Danny said: “This will be our last year at uni and after that we are going to be putting a lot of effort into playing gigs all over the country.

“We are looking for more of our own gigs and also bigger support gigs down south. It’s the only way to get noticed.

“There will also be a new EP as well. It’s what we want to do and we are determined to make a real go of it.”

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