Kathleen Hogg finally makes it across to America

Anyone who really knows Kathleen Hogg of Douglas Water knew that it would take more than a wee volcanic disaster and an international eco-crisis to stop her making it to the States to meet her musical hero of nearly 40 years.

And 59-year-old Kathleen was duly rewarded for her sheer determination with a “lovely big hug” from Country music star Roy Clark, a performer she’s followed since first seeing him on black and white telly when still in her teens.

The Gazette has charted Kathleen’s tortuous trek to meet her idol, her first attempt to make it across the Atlantic to see him play live at the Country music mecca of Nashville’s Grand Ol’ Opry being foiled by the Icelandic volcanic eruption which conked out much of the world’s air traffic.

After a lot of re-scheduling and phone calls to Stateside hosts and pals Sunshine Randall and her husband Harvey, Kathleen finally reached her destination.

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