Kidnapped looks like a hit for Cumbernauld Theatre

CUMBERNAULD Theatre’s touring production of Kidnapped held a captive audience at the weekend.

A group of News and Chronicle staffers trooped along to the Theatre on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed this adaption of Stevenson’s book. The script is a heavily abridged version of the novel, told with many a 21st century flourish in storytelling technique, but minor characters and subplots are omitted entirely, leaving an action-packed piece of live entertainment that fairly zips along.

Actors in Cumbernauld Theatre productions tend to work hard and Kidnapped is no exception - in addition to narrating huge passages of Stevenson’s text, while rushing about madly and even changing the scenery, Scott Hoatson, Alan Steele and Peter Callaghan each perform a variety of characters in different costumes, all without skipping a beat.

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The verdict among your humble scribes was unanimous - this is a delightful piece of theatre, and anyone who missed it at Cumbernauld should make a point of catching it on tour. For dates and other info see

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